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 Congratulations to "Titanic" for getting fourteen Oscar nominations!!!

   First let us get the cost factor of James Cameron's Titanic 
   out of the way. Let us dispense with the gasps and the horrified
   looks right at the start:

   If ever a film was worth every penny it cost to make this is 
   the one. Titanic may have been the cost, but Titanic is also 
   the acheivement of director Cameron. Perhaps these are the words 
   of a deranged Titanicphile, but this film is Titanic.

   Why do I love this movie?

   To answer my own question, I love this movie because it has brought
   back to life a lost ship, a lost era and the lost people who went 
   with Titanic to her grave 3 miles beneath the surface of the sea.

   This is a film that has used special effects to create a lost 
   reality, rather than aliens, super heros or any of the stuff 
   usually associated with special effects.

   It is a film that exists because of a great tragedy, the 
   imagination and skill of a director and technology. But it
   is a film with a deep human heart that will break yours.

   James Cameron very wisely chooses to create two fictional
   characters, each from a different social class. Jack Dawson,
   played by Leonardo DiCaprio is the poor artist who falls in
   love with Rose DeWitt Bukater, the upper crust debutante.
   Their lives are worlds apart, but they come together in the world 
   that is the Titanic. 

   By scripting his two fictional lovers, Cameron puts our feet on 
   the deck of the ship and opens out hearts and minds to the tragedy
   that is Titanic while allowing us to experience the ship both before 
   and after the moment it hit the iceberg on April 14, 1912.

           Titanic gets a maximum rating of Five LifeBoats!
             Run to the nearest theater and get onboard.

    Soon to appear on this page will be links to Titanic pages
          and a list of great books about the Titanic.




Read more about the Titanic!

 If you want to read more about the Titanic here is a list of books 
 you can order right here at The Classics Decomposed.
 Just click on the title to buy the book!

James Cameron's Titanic

James Cameron's Titanic by Douglas Kirkland (Photographer), Ed Marsh Fifty dollars retail, but through Amazon it is thirty-five dollars. This book details through text and full color pictures the making of the film Titanic. A must have for anyone who loves the film. Click on the title or the picture if you want this book.

Titanic at Two A.M.

by Paul J. Quinn An illustrated account of the last hour of the Titanic with survivor accounts. Amazon price is twenty seven dollars and ninety seven cents. Twelve dollars off the retail price.

A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember by Walter Lord Paperback Four dollars and seventy nine cents. This is a classic book about the sinking of the Titanic. A moment by moment re-creation of the tragedy.

Titanic:End of A Dream

The Titanic : End of a Dream by Wyn Craig Wade A detailed and fascintating exploration of the Titanic. Thirteen ninety five is the Amazon price. Titanic:Voices

A haunting and beautiful book which relies on the letters and personal accounts of Titanics passengers and crew. Amazon price:Twenty dollars and ninety seven cents. List price twenty-nine ninety-five. Again you save with Amazon! Hardcover 199 pages.
The Story of the Titanic as told by it's Survivors

The Story of the Titanic as Told by It's Survivors by Jack Winocour These survivor accounts includes that of Commander Lightoller, the only surviving Titanic officer. Seven dollars and sixteen cents.
The Sinking of the Titanic

The Sinking of the Titanic by Bruce M. Caplan (Editor), Logan Marshall
This book is a must have! Written just weeks after the Titanic sank and filled with stories from passengers and crew. Plus the author's observations on why Titanic went down. Ten dollars and thirty six cents. An Amazon savings off of the retail price of twelve ninety-five.