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Really Important Films

 We like a great film just like all the others critics out there! Why we'll even review a film we haven't even seen!... In the words of Margo Channing 'Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride!'
Out of our way Siskel, Ebert, and Koch.We've got some serious reviewing to do! Or something like that!




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WINNER OF 11 ACADEMY AWARDS!(But you knew that!) Okay, we know how it ends.
We know the ship sinks, but
does the film float? Is Titanic
destined for glory on the big screen.

Anthony Minghella's THE ENGLISH PATIENT What?Haven't you seen it yet? What? Not even once? We don't know how to tell you this but even Seinfeld's Elaine'sgot an opinion on TEP! How could you miss the Oscar winning best film of 1996? Oh, go rent it!

The Wings of the Dove adapted from Henry James' novel is a feast for the eyes.

Oscar and Lucinda
Love is in the air! "Oscar and Lucinda" is Gillian Armstrong's film adaptation of
Peter Carey's Booker prize winning novel Click on the picture and go to
RIF magazine for a review of the film.

More Films!

The English Patient...Is there a doctor in the house?
Hamlet Kenny B style! Question is, is he as *bad as he wanna be* And can he stand the action figure test?
Looking For Richard ...Al seeks him here. Al seeks him there!
Angel Baby, it ain't Shine!
Evita Don't Cry for Andrew Lloyd Webber. He's still got his money
Some Mother's SonSave your tears for this one
Love Jones Hark! Another love story! No blood, no violence and
NO SPAM! Not to mention very few people you've ever heard of!
That's okay, because they still loved it at Sundance!
CONTACT It's a bird! It's a plane! It's much ado about nothing