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What    is    Fashion?

This question has vexed humankind since the first human slipped into the first loincloth. What are we to make of the fashion obsession? What are we to make of the obsession with supermodels? The founders of The Classics Decomposed are proud to announce that fab, famous, London fashion designer Ras from the House of Ras will bring us all his comments on this most trivial of issues that drives us all crazy in the morning when we get up to get dressed.


We hope that this collaboration with Ras will be a happy one. If not we will simply delete him.

This exciting announcement! Ras now reveals his Fashion Yes of 1997!!!!!!!!!!!

Raspootin's Fashion Yes of the Year!

        Buddy was his name and fashion was his sixth sense. 
 Some have called him the Man Ray of the sixties. Some have 
 called him man's best friend. But others, those of us in the
 fashion know. Those of us with a nose for fashion and an eye
 for the spectacular know that Buddy had a sense for fashion
 unrivaled in todays world of baggy jeans, baggy t-shirts, 
 baggy sweaters and choke chain collars.
       Who was Buddy? Buddy was a Long Island dog of uncertain
 pedigree, but of certain wisdom and great creative power.
 Buddy was the only dog in the neighborhood who could sew.
 In this famous picture of Buddy he is wearing what became known 
 as his "Exotic Bomber" ensemble. This picture, first published in
 "Dog's Life Magazine" represents for me, Ras, the fashion maven
 of this world, all that Buddy stood for:

      "Fun, Fashion, Fur and most of all Woof"

       Meet Buddy, my Fashion Yes of 1997!




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