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CD Fans Speak Their Minds!

           This Section is Under Serious deConstruction

 We have often wondered what goes on 
 in the mind of the devoted fan.
 So finally, we here at 
 The Classics Decomposed took it 
 upon ourselves to find out. 
 Here are just a few tidbits of 
 the inspiring mail we haven't received, 
 but would if anyone was writing:

 "Dear CD,
I have a question. In Hamlet, why does 
Hamlet die at the end? 
Please answer quickly as 
I am dying to know!

 Mort d'Arthur"

 "Hi CD,

I decided to read Hamlet after 
reading the wonderful things
on your page and I have to say 
that Hamlet is a way cool dude
with attitude.


 "To Whom it may concern,

What is with you guys? What are you?
A bunch of Shakespeare Spouting Snobs?



That last letter really inspired us 
and we here at the CD intend to
start The Shakepeare Spouting Snob Society. 
Applications will be available 
as soon as we get around to it.

 "Hey CD,

Why are there only two seats in 
the airplane in the English Patient 
and how the heck was that Hungryan 
guy supposed to fly back with two 
other people and were they going to 
a production of Hamlet in Cairo?

  Treeindwin "

More Letters from the Fans!

"Dear CD,

 Who is this Ralph guy that is in one of the
 pictures on your page? Is he your dad?


 Cindee Loo"

 "Dear CD,

 I drive a taxi and am personally very
 honored that you named one of your fine
 literary efforts after taxi drivers.


 Betty La Drive"

 "Hi Folks at CD,

 I cannot express to you how you have 
 changed my life. Before finding your site my
 world was on of colorless boredom. You have 
 given me a reason to live.


 *Special note. We personally gave Bert a
 referral to a good psychiatrist.

 Keep those fab letters coming!