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The Classics Decomposed

The Classics According to Ruin'dHens


Let's face it, a good number of people find dealing with the classics tedious, bland, confusing, and sometimes just plain boring. Since we have such a love of the classics in every imaginable form we thought we'd take a refreshing approach to them, sort of colour them up a bit. The classics according to our rather warped but well meaning minds. To celebrate them, if you will! Who knows, by the time we're done you may find yourself wanting to read or view them for the first time or to just revisit them!

It's our hope that you enjoy the site and take time to visit some the other entertaining and though provoking sites linked here.

May we have mercy on the Masters.
May the Masters have mercy on us!
May we all have mercy on the classics


Last update: 6 March 1998

 Nestle DeWynter Lives!

 Nestle DeWynter

Major Announcement from The Classics Decomposed! We have dedicated one of our precious pages containing many valuable bytes to Nestle DeWynter, the Great Lost Thespian Heart throb! Experience the joy of Nestle! The artistry of Nestle! The life of Nestle!
It is your turn to worship at the altar of Nestle





Adventures in A Row 


Pronounced for the English or Russian challenged. In other words, for those whose first language is American, it's EE-VON-AWHV

You've read the reviews of the leading and oh so leading British critics, now read a review by an American who doesn't know one of the British reviewers personally, but has warmed the hearts of close friends, family, and the I.R.S..

Ralph Fiennes in the 1997 Almeida production of Anton Chekvo's Ivanov
  Find out just how much fun it is to have A row seats (fondly referred to as he spitting range row)and watch articles of
clothing fly off the actors in the throngs of passion, sit next to a rather tired and loud snoring Englishman, and enjoying cozy theatre going at it's best at David Hare's and under the direction of Jonathan Kent. Find out this and more as we take you on an adventure to London and the Almeida Theatre



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