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Why   is   this   Dog   Dressed   Up?

   This dog is dressed up because he is the new host of 
  the Decomposed Awards. Meet Salvador Doggie,
  a film and theater critic from Dog Fancy Magazine who will
  host the first Annual Decomposed Awards.
   When Theodore Thespias was unable to host we were beside
  ourselves. We were driven to a panic. Who was classy 
  enough to take Theo's place?
   It was then that Salvador Doggie graciously put a paw
  forward and volunteered to bail us out.
   Thanks Salvador! 
   Don't miss the ceremony when Salvador recites all the
  names of al the dogs foods ever created.
   You will salivate with Salvador when he hosts
  The Decomposed Awards! 

   Date, time, network to be announced!

The   Decomposed   Awards!

  Just when you thought that the Oscars 
 were a big deal. Just when you were convinced 
 the Golden Globes were for real. Now here is the award 
 that everyone is talking about. Welcome to the:
             Decomposed Awards!

  The Decomposed Awards are given out to celebrate 
 excellence in the past year in films, television,
 and theater!

  The excitement is building for the biggest, bestest,
 most coveted award in the world of entertainment!

     Everyone sing the Decomposed Awards Song:

  "They'll be swell!
   They'll be great!
   The Decomposed Awards are like fate!
   Coming fast around the bend
   Just when you think
   The Awards season will end

   The biggest best awards are yet to come
   Honey, everything's coming up Decomposed
   Everything's coming up Decomposed
   Everything's coming up Decomposed for me and for you!

   Who will win one?
   It's the question of the year!
   Will YOU win one?
   Who cares, cause you're gonna have great fun!

   Curtain up! Light the lights!
   The Decomposed Awards are the heights
   Your heart will pound, your hopes will soar
   Get the envelopes ready for the Awards du jour

   A funny looking statuette may be waiting for you!
   Honey , everything's coming up Decomposed!
   Everything's coming up Decomposed!
   Everything's coming up Decomposed 
   Will the Award go to you??????





Help! I'm Decomposing!

The Classic Decomposed: The place where Literature is dissected.