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Ivanov: Adventures in "A"Row
(The Review)
(Pronounced for the English or Russian challenged, in other words, for those whose first language is American, it's pronounced"EE-VON-AWHV"!)
You've read the reviews of the leading and oh so leading British critics, now read a review by an American who doesn't know one of the British reviewers personally, but has warmed the hearts of close friends, family, and the I.R.S..
Find out just how much fun it is to have "A" row seats (fondly referred to as "the spitting range row")and watch articles of clothing fly off the actors in the throngs of passion, sit next to a rather tired and loud snoring Englishman, and enjoying cozy theatre going at it's best at David Hare's and under the direction of Jonathan Kent (pictured here). Find out this and more as we take you on an adventure to London and the Almeida Theatre